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so you can scale your Online Personal Brand and Business
with Clarity, Authenticity, Confidence & Balance

Hello, entrepreneurs!

I'm Cristina, creator of balanced communicator programs and services.

You’ll find here resources to scale your business through the power of authentic and balanced communication. From leveraging your personal brand online to bringing valuable content to your audience, our digital programs and guiding equip you with the skill-set and mind-set needed. 

Balanced-Communicator programs bring together Ancient Wisdoms with Modern Communication,  drawn from the last 16 years of experience in varied organizational types, in six countries on two continents, and closer to this date, one-on-one with personal brand entrepreneurs.  So that scaling will not equal burn-out, and that you have a guide next to you in your first years journey. 


Online Personal Branding, Communication plan, Program launch

Online guided courses and services, in ‘Done with you’ and ‘Done by you’ formats

Online personal branding

The Why's and How's.
Gain clarity, confidence and 'know-set'.
Leverage your online identity and content. Build an online presence aligned with your core values.

Video strategy

Bring your Mission online through the power of videos. Gain clarity and confidence on when and how to bring valuable video content to your audience & thus leverage your content strategy.

Authentic online communication

Learn and create your online communication with clarity, mindfulness and long-term vision.


Storytelling remains the most natural way to connect with your audience, translate your expertise into a common language and help visualize the information.
Learn the why, when and how-to and integrate it into your online communication with authenticity and ease.

Personal brand copy|writing

Writing with clarity, empathy and with your voice is a vital skill in any online business, and in particular those built around personal brands. Enhance this skill while working with us, in any of the versions 'done with you' or 'done for you'.

Confidence, Authenticity & Balance

Realign all three inner strengths and reach your goals with joy and ease. Simple yet powerful techniques to realign to our inner wisdom.

Market-proven tools & a guide to help you scale with 

clarity and confidence

What clients say

Mihaela Stroe PhD
Cristina helped me a lot with my brand management, content preparation for corporate trainings & workshops, conference speeches, TV shows, blog posts and social media posts. She is a professional diamond, dedicated 100% to the success of your business and personal brand.
Mihaela Stroe
PhD in Social-Psychology, Behavioral Profiler, High-performers' Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker (Romania & Int. level)
Daciana Sabau
Cristina has an inspiring vision for creating comprehensive strategy plans for marketing and personal branding. She creates brilliant ideas and finds fast and effective solutions, always internationally focused.
Daciana Sabău
Brain food coach, FeedYourBrain project creator (Romania)
Alexandru Anghel Consultant financiar
I collaborated with Cristina for almost three years, which brought me a lot of confidence and business growth. The number of followers has more than tripled in 6 months and the quality of the public improved. I’ve thus got to promote myself not only locally, but throughout the whole Germany. 2020 ranked me no. 1 in two branch categories (new clients and overall results).
Alexandru Anghel
Financial Consultant (Germany)
Cristina supported me in creating the story of my business and of my personal brand, with the right content for my website and Facebook page. Suggested a full promotion strategy and offered much more than we had agreed at the beginning of our collaboration.
Vera Niste
Coach & Entrepreneur (Romania)

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