I’m Cristina, creator of balanced communicator programs and services. 

A service-kit designed broadly for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business with clarity, authenticity and balance. Currently in guided, done with you and done by you formats. 

My Story

A story of a selfpreneur.

Cristina Burca _ balanced-communicator.com

I started as a TV journalist in Bucharest, Romania, in 2006. Moved to Brussels, Belgium to work in the EU Institutions for almost 4 years. Did a master degree in parallel (in press, public relations and events management). Wanted to go on with communication projects for the EU branding and thus, as the EU contract had finished, I stayed one more year there and worked on several projects (a co-authored booklet and project on EU branding, radio features in entrepreneurship and culture in Brussels, launch of Dacia Toastmasters club etc.). Moved to Berlin, Germany to work in a PR agency on EU projects. Then had a turning point and went to India to complete two certification programs in yoga teaching and naturopathy. Developed a workshop based on them for busy professionals to include work-life balance tools in their days. Developed a business project to set-up a personal development location in Romania. Was not the right time though. Applied for communication/ project management/ education oriented roles and somehow it didn’t work. Pro-bono helped an editorial house in Bucharest with translation proofreading and book reviews (in self development).  Went to a couple of spiritual retreats to integrate the views and give forward. Started to collaborate with the International Coaching News magazine. My journey went on with a high season contract in Spain with a large tour operator, an educational project in Malaysia, another EU contract in Warsaw, Poland. In 2018 I restarted my entrepreneurial journey with a program at a coworkation place outside Berlin, Germany. Moved back to Romania, to an epic city, Sibiu, to collaborate full-time with a renowned coach, author and behavioral profiler. The following year brought few projects with solopreneurs. Followed by a full-time role in a communication agency in Bucharest and there we are in 2020, a year which brought a boost, on one hand, in  my collaboration with personal brand businesses (solopreneurs), and on another hand, an end to an in-house project on language training (due to the global pandemic). 

Wrapping it up,  this is how balanced-communicator developed in 2020, as a communication consultancy for entrepreneurs, scaling further to corporate clients. 

This is how I can support your growth:

  • Guide and Trainer in Online Personal Branding  and Communication, for coaches, trainers, consultants, therapists, and edu-entrepreneurs.
  • Authenticity, Clarity and Confidence Guide.  
  • Copywriter for educational programs’ launches.
  • Creator of programs that unite modern, digital communication with ancient teachings (including hatha yoga tradition) that enhance clarity, authenticity and balance / the inner compass. 
  • Co-creator, moderator and trainer in transformational programs (summits, retreats, bootcamps). For Romanian speakers, you can find the Online Summit from March 2022, on our organizer’s website, here. 
  • Corporate communications. 
The marketing & communication type I leverage is based on clarity and authenticity, with a sustainable, international vision.

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