I’m Cristina, creator of balanced communicator toolkit.

A toolkit designed broadly for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business with clarity, authenticity and balance. Currently in guided, done with you and done by you formats. 

My Story

A story of a selfpreneur.


I started as a TV journalist in Bucharest, Romania, in 2006. Moved to Brussels, Belgium to work in the EU Institutions for almost 4 years. Did a master degree in parallel (in press, public relations and events management). Wanted to go on with communication projects for the EU branding and thus, as the EU contract had finished, I stayed one more year there and worked on several projects (a co-authored booklet and project in EU branding, radio features in entrepreneurship and culture in Brussels, launch of Dacia Toastmasters club etc.). Moved to Berlin, Germany to work in a PR agency on EU projects. Then had a turning point, took a break and went to India to complete two certification programs in yoga teaching and naturopathy. Developed a workshop based on them for busy professionals to include work-life balance tools in their days. Developed a business project to set-up a personal development location in Romania. Was not the right time though. Applied for communication/ project management/ education oriented roles and somehow it didn’t work. Pro-bono helped an editorial house in Bucharest with translation proofreading and book reviews (in self development).  Sprinkled that time with spiritual retreats to integrate the views and give forward. Started to collaborate with the International Coaching News magazine. My journey went on with a high season contract in Spain with a large tour operator, an educational project in Malaysia, another EU contract in Warsaw, Poland. In 2018 I restarted my entrepreneurial journey with a program at a coworkation place outside Berlin, Germany. Moved back to Romania, to an epic city, Sibiu, to collaborate full-time with a renowned coach, author and behavioral profiler. The following year brought few projects with solopreneurs. Followed by a full-time role in a communication agency in Bucharest and there we are in 2020, a year which brought a boost, on one hand, in  my collaboration with personal brand businesses (solopreneurs), and on another hand, a sudden and sad end on language training, an in-house project (due to the global reason we all know). However, despite all this year brought, it came with a clarification on the  mission and vision: helping service-based entrepreneurs to scale with authenticity, clarity and balance. 

Wrapping it up, with this diverse and at times atypical professional path, I’ve reassembled the puzzle and developed balanced-communicator toolkit for entrepreneurs (as a personal brand name which sums up the values, mission and vision I found not only in myself, but in the majority of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with).

The roles I full-time embrace include:

  • Guide to authentic & strategic online communication.   
  • Online personal brands’ co-creator.
  • Confidence and Clarity builder. 
  • Copywriter.
  • Trainer & Online courses creator for service-based solopreneurs.
Core values I cherish in my work and life:
  • humanity, authenticity & balance  
  • mindful & solution-oriented perspective
  • integrity & mutual welfare creation.