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Today we meet Marius Ignătescu, founder and president of Asociația Descoperă, (EN transl. Association Discover) one of the first online resource on science in Romanian, with quality and pleasure of knowing  in mind.

Rather than expecting people to come to science, I help bringing science to people through

Marius Ignătescu, President & Founder
Descoperă Association

Marius started in 2008, triggered by the lack of qualitative information about science in Romanian.  Thus, he founded the NGO and launched the web articles, to make science available and digestible both online and offline through cultural and educational events.

Marius is also a software developer since more than 10 years, at a large IT company in Sibiu, Romania.

Vision: instil the pleasure of knowing science to everyone. 
Values: intelligence, creativity and knowledge.
Main hobby: playing guitar.
L&D resource Marius recommends: book “A Universe from Nothing”,  by Lawrence Krauss.

Find the online magazine at:
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