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Authentic Online Personal Branding and Communication for new Coaches

6 Week journey for Business Success and Personal Online Confidence

A program that builds up on communication strategies, journalism, training and ancient wisdom traditions

Enrollment Started.  Done with You and Done by You programs. 

You might be here now…

I Know It’s Good For My Business To Be Myself More Visible Online, 
But … I don’t find Time, Nor Inspiration. 
I Don’t Want To Appear Salesy, Self-Boasting Or Redundant. 
I Don’t Like To Be On Camera.
 I Don’t Resonate With The Classic Marketing
And Look For One 100% Aligned With Me.


Or your next step is ..

“I want to go international with an Online Personal Brand in English.”

“I need a Guide to give me clarity and confidence, brainstorm, validate my ideas with and hold me accountable.  Otherwise I postpone it again, even if I know it’s detrimental to my business…”

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It’s not just you.  I was there too and I see this at the majority of solopreneurs – coaches, consultants, trainers, etc. –  I’ve been working with. 

One thought is enough to trigger the domino effect. With the same intensity, one GUIDE is enough to keep your strength, clarity and focus sharp. 

That’s why I designed this blueprint with your efforts and your success story in mind and brought to it the learnings I’ve gained and developed along the way.

You’ll see the Online Personal Branding and Content creation with different eyes in just 6 weeks from enrolling in this program and doing the work.

Your 6-week Journey

from “I  know Online Personal Branding is good, but…”  to 

“I feel confident and I know exactly Why and How to be present online for my audience.” 

Milestone 1 | Your first Steps to your Greater Journey

  • You’ll understand the WHY  behind your online personal brand.
  • You’ll get a 360 degree picture of your current stage, strengthen your mindset for success and draft your first plan.
  • Bonus content – how to tune into your most authentic, clear and confident self.
  • 5 Missions to achieve this Milestone. 

Milestone 2 | Your Personal Brand Story

  • You’ll understand why your Story builds rapport at miles distance.
  • You’ll get to see your personal brand story through both a storyteller and a listener’s lenses.
  • You’ll learn the technique to easily employ storytelling into your content strategy. 
  • 2 Missions to achieve this Milestone. 

Milestone 3 | Your Personal Brand DNA

  • Your DNA is your answer to
    • “WHY it is so important to leverage your Online Personal Brand?”
  • You’ll define your DNA core pillars and your unique value proposition. 
  • 4 Missions to achieve this Milestone.

Milestone 4 | Your Service to the World 

  • You’ll get clarity & confidence to clearly express your gifts for the world, understand your client’s profile,  speak to their needs and present their success story.
  • You’ll create your services’ narrative.
  • 3 Missions to complete. 

Milestone 5 | Authentic & Visible Online Identity

  • You’ll get your answers to these questions & implement them:
    • Is your online identity clearly defined?  
    • What online platforms do you “own”, and what platforms do you “rent”?  How is your Personal Brand reflected on each platform? 
    • Which ones are important for you to leverage right now? 
  • We’ll develop your online personal brand identity on those platforms you are already/ need to be present for your business success (website, social networks, youtube/ podcast). 
  • 7 Missions

Milestone 6 | Confident & at Ease on Camera

  • How does camera make you feel?
  • How does your video content perform vs. your written content?
  • Learn the verbal structure & the nonverbal behind your video materials, so you can bring sought-after content with clarity and confidence.
  • You’ll learn & apply in real settings.
  • 3 Missions to achieve this Milestone.

Milestone 7 | Authentic & Successful Online

  • Your 360° long-term online communication strategy.
  • You’ll learn, enhance and practice your content creation skills on a variety of formats and channels.
  • You’ll learn the essentials of copywriting, enhance them through 5 different outlets.
  • You’ll learn and craft your blueprint for programs and digital products’ launch.
  • You’ll learn the difference between organic vs. paid reach and when can advertising benefit you and your audience.
  • You’ll learn the core pillars of scaling without burning-out through mind-body and soul alignment, your inner wisdom ‘toolkit’.  
  • You’ll thus have a well-rounded toolkit at hand to scale your business with authenticity, clarity, confidence and balance. 
  • 6 Missions to get your online business off the ground and scaling.  



  • 30 missions in short video format
  • How-to video demos & audio materials  
  • Supporting docs: roadmaps, templates, cheat sheets and check-lists 
  • Worksheets to brainstorm and draft your unique strategy
  • 3-dimensional self-empowering program (details right below)
  • Done by You  self-pace program or  Done with You, guided version
  • Done with You program includes:
    • weekly/ bi-weekly 1-on-1 online sessions (in which we’ll brainstorm & define your implementation for the weekly missions); this brings efficiency, accountability and progress.
    • bi-monthly group sessions for the 3-dimension wisdom techniques, to enhance confidence, clarity, balance and ease. 
    • private online platform for group interaction. 

A 3-Dimensional Self-Empowering Program
for your Online Personal Brand and Business

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Mind – you’ll understand the why and how behind Online Personal Branding and craft your plan with each Milestone.

Body – you’ll learn how to align your body with your mind to tune into your inner confidence & strength, release doubts, stress and limiting beliefs, and lead your business with clarity, ease and joy, allowing you to scale and prevent burnout.

Soul – once the first two are integrated, you’ll know you’re aligned with yourself and life mission with authenticity, clarity and confidence.  

Experience how Modern Communication and Inner Wisdom tools, plus 1-on-1 Guidance have a huge role in your Online Personal Branding and Business path.

Few words about myself, creator and guide in this program

Hello, fellow Entrepreneur!

I am your Guide in this 6-week journey. You’ll have by your side an experienced communication specialist, with an international acumen and  great dedication in guiding you towards building the clarity and confidence for your online presence.

Before embarking in this journey, I’ve worked in journalism, European affairs, PR and integrated communication strategies, which enable the broad perspective I bring to this program. 

I add the 3 dimensional Self-Empowering part –  Mind, Body and Soul – which is our intrinsic force and fuel for any of our Life Missions. They stand on the multiple personal development programs and certifications taken along the way (the about page details more).

My purpose through this program and my entire work with entrepreneurs is to bring alignment with oneself and guide you towards designing and implementing your own communication  strategy which helps you scale without hustle and burnout. 

If this calls you, I look forward to be your guide.

Attend or Book a live Webinar

to learn more about this Blended Program, a rewarding and empowering toolkit at once 

What 1:1 Clients Say

Cristina supported me as a brand manager and copywriter in 2018. Cristina helped me a lot with preparation for quality content of my corporate trainings & workshops, conferences speeches, TV shows, blog posts and social media posts. A very intelligent person, very organized, very passionate and dedicated 100% to the success of your business and personal brand.

Mihaela Stroe PhD in Social-Psychology and Behavioral Profiler, High-Performers' Coach, Author, Speaker

Cristina is the person you want around you when you need a good personal brand strategy in particular online and also when you need motivation and new ideas. Positive and always organised, for her “problems” are just challenges with a certain deadline to be solved. Surprisingly for me was that, although I work in a different field than hers, and in another country, Cristina is an inexhaustible source of ideas and solutions to improve my personal brand image in the online arena. From creating my online PB identity, to the regular content plan, she identified the potential in video content for my specific market and successfully helped me with qualitative educational video content for my online platforms (social media and YouTube channel). Cristina is next to me and that gives me confidence. The results have not ceased to appear since we implemented the content and marketing suggested. The number of followers has more than tripled in the last 6 months and the quality of the public has improved, fact shown in the feedback and demands of people who want to benefit from my services. With Cristina’s professional way and valuable knowledge, I’ve got to promote myself not only locally, but also throughout the whole Germany, which is a great success for me. More, in 2020, I ranked no. 1 in two branch categories (new clients and overall results). Success which I owe most of all to Cristina. Thank you!

Alexandru Anghel Financial Consultant, Germany

The universe brought me and Cristina together right when I was starting my coaching business. The hardest part, at the beginning, is the visibility and it is essential to convey coherent messages in the online environment. Cristina intervened here, with her professionalism but also with maximum empathy. She supported me in creating the story of my business, and of my personal brand, with the right content for my website and Facebook page, suggested a promotion strategy through guest posts and made valuable suggestions also for my personal (brand) image. She offered much more than we had agreed at the beginning of our collaboration. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Cristina from the first steps of your business. You will have a professional by your side and this will give you confidence in what you are doing.

Vera Niste Money Coach & Entrepreneur

Cristina has an inspiring vision for creating comprehensive strategy plans for marketing and personal branding. Builder of communication strategy for my healthy corporate program under Feed Your Brain brand. I found her through both my business and as a copywriting collaborator in a different project, a tool-wizard, inspiring creative, compassionate, highly talented in creating words that fly on paper or keyboard; she is definitely the Queen of Word World. She creates brilliant ideas and finds fast and effective solutions, always internationally focused.

Daciana Sabău Brain Food Coach, creator of

Cristina este o adevărată profesionistă, știe să te asculte, să extragă punctele esențiale și să te ghideze pentru a găsi aspectele unice ale brandului tău personal într-un mod foarte clar.

Cristina Vădastreanu Online Business Mentor

Done by You

- working by yourself -
in future
  • Access to the online platform with all course materials: 7 Milestones, 30 Missions in video format, more than 100 downloadable pages with cheat sheets, templates, check-lists and worksheets.
  • Option to upgrade to the “Done with You” version during the 1st Milestone.

Enrollment Started.  Contact us to know when your 1 on 1 guidance can begin.

Why is the edition only enrolling in the “Done with You“ version?

As the 1st challenge in solopreneurship is not lack of information, but lack of guidance (support, brainstorm, validation and accountability), we want to ensure the full guidance to implement the program. If you agree with this, then you are at the right place and time.  We will decide at a later stage the opening of the “Done by You” version.

How soon will we get access to the course platform?

We will inform you about your access by email, shortly after your registration.

How will the content be displayed? Drip content or all at once?

Drip content, one mission per day, from Monday to Friday, for the first 6 weeks, so you can fully work on the daily mission.  Once the first 6 weeks are completed, you can navigate to any mission at your pace. 

If I choose the installment payment, how will it be done?

For the three month payment plan, you will pay 247 Euros monthly, over three months.  The first installment needs to be paid at the start, and the two further payments at the beginning of each month, as calculated from the first payment. You will receive a notification by email, on the email provided with the registration.

30 day Action - Money back Guarantee

Should this program not meet your expectations, even though we will clarify your objectives & needs during the intake call, you have the right to claim your full paid amount in the first 30 days from enrolling in the program.  We will however ask you to justify your reasons and provide proof of your work done, by the time you decide not to go on. This will help both of us to have a constructive agreement. 

Is there a time-limit to complete the "Done with You" program?

6 weeks are the optimal program timeframe.  During this time you will get the guided one-on-one sessions and group meetings. This will ensure efficiency, results and sense of fulfillment on both sides. After the first 6 weeks, you can do/ retake the program at your convenience, however without the guided one-on-one sessions and group meetings. You will have access to the recordings in the platform. 

Is there an option to keep working together post-program?

We can definitely think of a post-Program support option, for guidance on your online communication goals. 

Personalized plans & frequency (e.g. weekly/ monthly guided online sessions).

Pricing will be discussed. 

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