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Video content toolkit
for solopreneurs

Content creation with Clarity and Confidence

3-week online guided course

Engaging with your followers through videos has never been easier, technically speaking, and more effective in building human and professional rapport.  And yet, very often, self-saboteurs step in and drain the clarity and confidence wanted.

Clarity in your key messages and content strategy, and confidence in your authentic self and speech in front of the camera.  

This short online course will do just this

– equip you with the skillset and mindset needed

to create your video content strategy and deliver it with clarity, confidence and ease. 

You will have the mentoring support and practice needed for your confidence,  throughout this 3-week online course. 

Your 3-week Journey

from “where  shall I start with video content?”, “I’m too critical with myself and postpone my videos…”  to 

“I feel confident and empowered. I know exactly why and how to be present online in videos, for my audience.” 

Video content strategy - online course

Step 1 | Your Video Confidence Toolkit 

Step 2 | Presentation video that builds rapport

Step 3 | Your  video content strategy for the long run 

Practice and Guidance

Bonus step | Youtube channel branding and growth

3 video training sessions delivered to your inbox.

Bonus video training on growing your Youtube channel. 

Weekly online meeting to review and guide your video creation and content strategy, according to the mission you’ll get with every step. 

Success Stories from 1:1 collaborations

Cristina supported me as a brand manager and copywriter in 2018. Cristina helped me a lot with preparation for quality content of my corporate trainings & workshops, conferences speeches, TV shows, blog posts and social media posts. A very intelligent person, very organized, very passionate and dedicated 100% to the success of your business and personal brand.

Mihaela Stroe PhD in Social-Psychology and Behavioral Profiler, High-Performers' Coach, Author, Speaker

Cristina is the person you want around you when you need a good personal brand strategy in particular online and also when you need motivation and new ideas. Positive and always organised, for her “problems” are just challenges with a certain deadline to be solved. Surprisingly for me was that, although I work in a different field than hers, and in another country, Cristina is an inexhaustible source of ideas and solutions to improve my personal brand image in the online arena. From creating my online PB identity, to the regular content plan, she identified the potential in video content for my specific market and successfully helped me with qualitative educational video content for my online platforms (social media and YouTube channel). Cristina is next to me and that gives me confidence. The results have not ceased to appear since we implemented the content and marketing suggested. The number of followers has more than tripled in the last 6 months and the quality of the public has improved, fact shown in the feedback and demands of people who want to benefit from my services. With Cristina’s professional way and valuable knowledge, I’ve got to promote myself not only locally, but also throughout the whole Germany, which is a great success for me. More, in 2020, I ranked no. 1 in two branch categories (new clients and overall results). Success which I owe most of all to Cristina. Thank you!

Alexandru Anghel Financial Consultant, Germany

The universe brought me and Cristina together right when I was starting my coaching business. The hardest part, at the beginning, is the visibility and it is essential to convey coherent messages in the online environment. Cristina intervened here, with her professionalism but also with maximum empathy. She supported me in creating the story of my business, and of my personal brand, with the right content for my website and Facebook page, suggested a promotion strategy through guest posts and made valuable suggestions also for my personal (brand) image. She offered much more than we had agreed at the beginning of our collaboration. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Cristina from the first steps of your business. You will have a professional by your side and this will give you confidence in what you are doing.

Vera Niste Money Coach & Entrepreneur

Cristina has an inspiring vision for creating comprehensive strategy plans for marketing and personal branding. Builder of communication strategy for my healthy corporate program under Feed Your Brain brand. I found her through both my business and as a copywriting collaborator in a different project, a tool-wizard, inspiring creative, compassionate, highly talented in creating words that fly on paper or keyboard; she is definitely the Queen of Word World. She creates brilliant ideas and finds fast and effective solutions, always internationally focused.

Daciana Sabau
Daciana Sabău Brain Food Coach, creator of

Cristina is a real professional, she knows how to listen, reveal the essential parts and guide you to find those unique aspects of yours to create a brand, in a very organised way.

Cristina Vădastreanu Online Business Mentor

  • 3 video training recorded sessions
  • weekly online guided calls (1h each, in total 3 calls)
  • video content strategy review and guidance
  • Bonus: YouTube channel branding and growth (video training)
  • PDF materials for each lesson (check-lists and cheat sheets)

* This short online course is part of the 6-week program Authentic Online Personal Branding. You’ll grow your clarity and confidence in video content strategy and creation through a guided one-on-one program.  

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