Consultancy, strategy, guidance

For Personal Brand Entrepreneurs
Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Authors

Online Personal Branding

Analysis of your OPB current stage | Consultancy based on objectives | Online Personal Brand identity on all platforms, with content proposal | Content plan proposal according to your objectives. 

Video content strategy

Based on Communication objectives agreed for your monthly content, we develop the video content plan, integrated into your written/visual/audio content.

Video content key messages / script | Non-verbal and shooting setting recommendations for an authentic message.

Communication plan & marketing

Communication & marketing plan for your Personal Brand business with focus areas guidelines, based on business objectives. 

Individual/ Team Workshops

in any of the above subjects

             (online/ offline)


Personal Brand Story for written / video content | Storytelling immersion in your online content based on objectives. 


Copywriting guidelines for each online platform you hold, based on objectives.  

Email campaign for your service/e-product launch (objectives | planning | content).

Landing page/ Sales page guidelines/ script for your programs/ services.

Authenticity, Confidence & Balance

Techniques to leverage all three, based on my professional & personal development acumen (journalism, public speaking, intercultural work & life, oriental traditions’ certificates, team performance systems & tools).